I buoni pacchetti di tour di lusso in Vietnam nel 2020

Hanoi > Ha Long > Nha Trang > Saigon > Mekong 10 Giorni / 9 Notti
Hanoi > Halong > Da Nang > Hoi An 8 Giorni / 7 Notti


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  • Plan out on your desired destinations and activities to gain the most out of your trip.
  • Research before hand about the destinations to gain a fundamental view of the country with its thousand years old history and diverse culture.

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Luxury Travel in Vietnam

Some tips for your perfect luxury holidays in Vietnam.

Why choose Vietnam for your luxury travel?

Ha Long Bay Cruise

Located in the eastern part of Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam is famous for its bustling cities, turquoise beaches and delicious local specialties. Due to its geographical position and colonial era, Vietnam is mainly influenced by French and Chinese cultures which can be observed from its traditional houses, religious sites, metropolitan architecture and diverse cuisines.

From north to south, there are so many interesting luxury experiences in this beautiful country. Sitting on a rustic cyclo, you will pass through centuries-old colonial architecture, traditional Old Quarters with numerous street vendors and breathe in a bustling yet tranquil atmosphere of the 100-year-old Hanoi City. Stunning Ha Long Bay is a well-known UNESCO Heritage site in Vietnam and it is where you can discover various limestone karsts on a sumptuous junk cruise trip. Heading to the Central Coast, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Mui Ne have impressed foreign travelers by their idyllic beauty and world-class hotels and resorts. Ho Chi Minh City, used to be praised as ‘The Pearl of the Far East’, will delight you with extravagant nightclubs and fancy dining experiences. Visiting Mekong Delta’s floating markets in the South is an eye-opening experience to lively and vibrant life of friendly local people.

Best time to travel to Vietnam

In general, Vietnam is characterized by tropical monsoon climate with high level of humidity. The weather varies considerably from north to south due to its topography. Weather in Vietnam can be split into three regions: North, Central and South.

The North has hot and humid summers (May – August) and cold winters (December – February) when the temperature may drop to 10 degrees Celsius. There may be snow in some northernmost points. January – April and September – December are the best times to enjoy Northern Vietnam’s finest weather.

Central Vietnam is affected by storms between September and November, so make sure you plan your trip to this region during the period between January and August.

The South experiences hot weather throughout the year and high rainfall from May to August.

Public holidays in Vietnam

Be aware of our public holidays when planning a luxury tour to Vietnam, since some tourist destinations will be crowded with local travelers.

  • International New Year’s Eve: 1st January
  • Tet holiday (Vietnamese Lunar New Year): from 1st to 3rd day of the first lunar month. The first date of 2019 lunar year falls on 05 February 2019 
  • Hung King’s Memorial Day: 10th day of the third lunar month
  • Liberation Day: 30th April
  • Labor Day: 1st May
  • Independence Day: 2nd September

Vietnam is suitable for you to diversify your luxury experiences, not just staying at a resort and strolling along the shore. There are plenty of destinations for your luxury travel in Vietnam, from breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches and colorful hill tribes to rustic old towns and bustling cities.



333 kilometers from Hanoi, Sapa is a spectacular place with different charms in different seasons. It has a majestic, dreaming and romantic beauty that you cannot find anywhere else in Vietnam. Spending a few days in Sapa during your Vietnam tours, you not only have a chance to breathe the fresh air of a northwestern mountainous regions, but also visit emerald terraced rice fields, spectacular waterfalls, conquer to Fansipan Mountain and trek to some ethnic villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Van and Ta Phin Villages. Don’t forget to visit Bac Ha ethnic market as well and interact with local traders.




Ha Long Bay

Cruise Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is one of the world’s most magnificent sea views. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay’s spectacular scatter of islands, dotted with wind- and wave-eroded grottoes, is a vision of ethereal beauty. There are plenty of caves in the bay that can be entered including the Surprise Cave (Hang Sung Sot), with three mammoth caverns, and the Dau Go Cave, with superbly weird stalagmites and stalactites. Taking a five-star cruise to Ha Long Bay is the best way to soak up the changing scenery of pinnacles as you pass by. You can enjoy other activities here, for example, practicing tai-chi at the sun deck or kayaking in the bay.




Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An is where you can see the truly genuine Vietnamese architecture which is harmoniously influenced by French, Japanese and Chinese architectural styles. Traditional wooden houses which are painted mustard-yellow are well-preserved here. Famous spots in Hoi An are Cantonese Assembly Hall, Japanese Bridge, Tan Ky House, and Duc An House. The most intriguing festival in Hoi An is the Lantern Festival, which is organized on the 14th day of every lunar month. Visiting Hoi An, you can be immersed in the lovely scenery of numerous lanterns in various colors. Local foods made by wholehearted and experience cooks here are addictive with light flavor and appealing aroma.




Nha Trang

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is proudly at the top of tourists’ minds when it comes to beach vacations in Vietnam. Crystal-clean beach, beautiful white sand and warm water – Nha Trang is a pearl of Central Vietnam. Nha Trang City Beach (along Tran Phu Street) is the highlight of this city. There are a lot of high-end hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars in the city center. Thanks to its gentle beaches, Nha Trang is also the heaven for exciting water sports such as snorkeling, diving the coral reefs, skyboarding, surfing and parasailing.




Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City has a special vibe that is so hard to resist. No visit to Vietnam is really complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, the energetic and crazy commercial hub of the country. It is also a city of contrasts: the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. However, compared to the one-thousand-year-old Hanoi, this three-hundred-year-old city is more towards the new and the modern. While in Ho Chi Minh city, make sure you experience the exciting nightlife, with an insane clog of motorbikes and cars on streets, plenty of coffee shops and restaurants where you can have ice-cream, barbeque and hotpot, all late at night when the local Vietnamese finish their work and populate the lively streets.

Take advantage of your time in Vietnam to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime luxury experiences in our country.

Take a cruise trip to Ha Long Bay

Cruise Ha Long

170 kilometers from Hanoi, Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam is a wonderful place for retreat. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is the most remarkable national treasure in Vietnam.  This natural wonder is breathtaking and dotted with 1600 limestone islands and islets covering 1500 square meter area. Mist-shrouded bay, picturesque limestone caves and karsts towers covered in green will ignite your imagination and pique your curiosity. Tranquil water here is ideal for cruising and relaxing. Five-star Ha Long Bay Cruises will never fail to delight you with exquisite Oriental-styled vessels, high-quality amenities and experienced crew members.



Leisure at Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An

A tour to Hoi An is a cannot-miss part of your luxury trip to Vietnam. When arriving here, you will be surprised as lanterns, one of Hoi An’s traditional crafts, are everywhere and adds a gorgeous aspect to this city. Used to be a bustling port city, Hoi An is one of the few places you will still find genuine Vietnamese architecture, but is also a harmonious integration of other architectural styles influenced by the Japanese and Chinese traders who settled there in the past. It is home to many temples, pagodas and the ancient homes that bear its very unique mark.



Enjoy an elegant beach break

Mui Ne

It goes without saying that Vietnam is a wonderful place for beach vacations. From Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne to Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, beach lovers will never get enough fun in Vietnam! Our turquoise beaches combined with pleasant weather and excellent hospitality services bring you the best getaway treatment you have ever had. Traveling to our beaches, tourists can have a chance to visit some local fishing villages, and enjoy fresh seafood such as lobsters, oysters, squids and scallops. For adrenaline junkie, you can participate in some water sports such as diving, surfing and parasailing.



Relish exciting night time activities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Ta Hien

Bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are where you can enjoy exciting nighttime activities. Besides walking around for some street foods, you can find numerous bars and nightclubs for tourists, expats and locals in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh City. You can find many crowded nightlife spots serving potent yet value-for-money drinks and blasting an impressive mix of electro, EDM, house, hip-hop, and party pop tunes. Get ready to be blown by our excellent DJs!



Stay at a world-class hotel or resort

Amanoi Resort

No luxury holiday would be complete without luxury accommodations. The best way to indulge yourself after stressful work is choosing an elegant resort for refreshment. Vietnam is the home to numerous high-quality resorts and hotels that can compete with what you can get in Thailand and Malaysia. With wonderful position, exquisite interior design, welcoming staff and world-class amenities, hotels and resorts in our country are a perfect getaway realm for your vacation in Vietnam. You can also swim in an infinity pool, treat yourself a traditional massage, do some workout at gym centers and enjoy delicious meals made by skillful chefs.

A luxury holiday will not be complete without luxury accommodations. The system of world-class resorts with exquisite design, well-trained staff, and excellent hospitality services will add more memories to your trip in Vietnam.

Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

Located in the stunning Son Tra Peninsula, Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort is a luxurious hillside resort with five-star suites and villas. Praised by many reputable travel magazines, this resort will never disappoint you with a system of well-trained staff who can perfectly implement your demands. With lush gardens and private beaches, you can truly experience a once-in-a-lifetime getaway accommodation. Expertly-prepared meals and fresh drinks here contribute to your pleasant stays in beautiful beach city Da Nang.




The Nam Hai Hoi An

The Nam Hai Hoi An

For the purpose of bringing tourists amazing cultural experience, The Nam Hai is the harmony between Vietnam traditional and contemporary arts. This resort is situated on a 35-hectare land along the beautiful Ha My beach with pristine white sand. This is a very convenient location for tourists to visit the ancient Hoi An Old Town. This resort is lavishly decorated in brown and grey with 60 villas and 40 independent villas including swimming pool.




Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang is a 5-star international resort where you can peacefully rest in a fresh and natural atmosphere with cool sea breezes combined with the aroma of grass and plants. With an area of 26,000 square meters, this resort is designed with traditional Vietnamese coconut leaf roofs. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is one of the first resorts in Vietnam that receive many prestigious awards from tourism associations in Vietnam and around the world.




Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

Amanoi Resort

Located in Nui Chua National Park, Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan, Amanoi Resort is considered as the most expensive resort in Vietnam. This hillside resort is situated in a unique location: it is surrounded by mountains and jungles and you can also enjoy absolutely stunning Vinh Hy Bay in the front. As the only 6-star resort in Vietnam, Amanoi offers unparalleled amenities with optimal hospitality services for your meditative retreats.




Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Sitting on the elegant Mui Ne beach, Anantara Mui Ne Resort is a getaway oasis for recharging your batteries. This resort serves delicate dining and mouth-watering local cuisines which are cooked by qualified chefs. There are 89 90 rooms, villas and suites along with swimming pool and the wedding facility in this resort. A fitness center and spa are also included.




JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald

20 minutes drive from the airport, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa is extremely charming with colonial architecture and exquisite furnishings. Each of its 244 rooms, suites and villas are in European style with delicate pastel colors. Travelers can enjoy seafront view and private 50-meter infinity pools when staying in a villa. There are a variety of options for fancy dining at JW Marriott Phu Quoc, from local dishes to barbeque and European dishes.

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